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04 April 2014

How to Backup & Restore EFS Partition [IMEI] for Samsung Galaxy S5 [ALL Variant]

EFS partition contains a lot of important data about your phone, such as WiFi/Bluetooth MAC's, IMEI, others.
It's highly recommended to backup EFS partition if you own a Samsung galaxy S5. If one day your phone's EFS partition is corrupted, your phone's IMEI will be changed to "NULL NULL" and you will face "Not Registered On Network" problem and you won't be able to use your phone correctly.

This tool will allow you to backup the whole EFS partition of the galaxy S5 in one file, to restore at anytime and fix "Not Registered On Network" problem.

Requirements :
  • Rooted Samsung galaxy S5
  • Installed mobile USB driver or Samsung Kies on your PC.
  • EFS backup/restore tool
  • PC, USB cable
Steps :
  • Download and extract EFS backup/restore tool
  • Enable USB debugging, then Connect your phone to PC via USB cable
  • Open the extracted "EFS_Backup_Restore" folder and double click on "EFS.bat"
  • For LTE variant : choose option (1) to backup and option (2) to restore.
    (SM-G900A, SM-G900F, SM-G900M, SM-G900P, SM-G900R4, SM-G900T, SM-G900V, SM-G900W8).
  • For SM-G900H : choose option (3) to backup and option (4) to restore.
  • For SM-G906S, SM-G901F : choose option (5) to backup and option (6) to restore. 
Notes :
  • This tool works only for rooted devices
  • Make sure you choose the correct option for your device while restoring EFS partition.
  • Make sure you have ALL backup files in the same directory of "EFS.bat" file while restoring.
  • Backup files will be saved in the same folder of *.bat file
  • Use this tool at your own risk.
Downloads :
  • Latest Samsung Mobile Driver HERE
  • Latest Samsung Kies 2 HERE
  • Latest Samsung Kies 3 HERE
  • EFS Backup Restore tool HERE


  1. Qaisar Ali Shah12 June, 2014 09:57

    I did all the rpocess but didnt work for me ..please help

  2. More info please
    Model and build number?
    Rooted or not?
    Screenshot of the error or why it doesn't work?

  3. Qaisar Ali Shah13 June, 2014 09:09

    Well its a SM G900H. I rooted it through Odin Successfully and the did the EFS backup restore. Phone Restarted But the null IMEI was still retained . It doesnt show uo any error

  4. Qaisar Ali Shah13 June, 2014 10:11

    Well the problem with my phone is that it wont run a sim card and shows no IMEI and no Baseband. I just bought it 5 days ago . When i ran it for the first time everything was working perfectly even the sim card. But afterwards i charged it for 3-4 hours and when i switched it on this problem occurred.

  5. No error mean there is no problem with this tool

  6. I'm sorry to tell you that this tool and any other tool (backup/restore efs) won't help you to fix your IMEI
    This tool helps only if you have a backup file
    Try to flash a stock FW

  7. Qaisar Ali Shah13 June, 2014 22:44

    Where can i get a backed up EFS backup file. and What will Flashing stock FW do?

  8. - Every phone has its own file
    - Maybe help to fix it

  9. Qaisar Ali Shah14 June, 2014 08:20

    Can i install another galaxy's file into mine?

  10. Qaisar Ali Shah15 June, 2014 18:38

    So there's no solution to it

  11. Unfortunately, no solution until Samsung update your phone modem

  12. Qaisar Ali Shah16 June, 2014 20:52

    i cant update my phone either. any solution to that? ...Its says registration failed

  13. hello, my phone has a region lock and i tried to unlock it by rooting the phone. It started and failed several times before it finally got rooted. After that when i dial *#06# imei appears as it is but when i dial *#0011# i get IMEi certi fail. I reverted back to stock ROM, in fact the official correct ROM but it still fails. Initially i get a Sim Network Unlock Pin Dialogue box but now it doesn't show up. I dont know whether it has something to do with the IMEI certi fail. Please help as i Now have a code to fix this region unlock. Thanks. Awaiting reply.....