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15 February 2014

[No Warranty Void] Root Android 4.3 for Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

Samsung has blocked rooting the international version of the galaxy S3 GT-I9300 by using SafeRoot method, which was completely safe, easy and it doesn't void the warranty of the phone nor trip flash (binary) counter.
I have found a way to make "SafeRoot" root the galaxy S3 GT-I9300 on the latest android 4.3 jelly bean like any other devices.

Requirements :
  • I9300_Root_Kernel file
  • I9300_MK6_Kernel file
  • Odin3
  • Installed Samsung Kies or Samsung mobile USB driver
  • Saferoot file
Instructions :
  1. All the process WON'T wipe your data, but back it up just incase this process corrupt your data.
  2. Flash Root_Kernel.tar.md5 file by odin3 in PDA or AP section.
  3. Make sure Re-Partition is NOT selected.
  4. Root your device using SafeRoot method by following this guide : [No Warranty Void] Safe Root Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3/S4 Note 2
  5. Flash back the current kernel of your firmware MK6 until Samsung update it by Odin3
Congratulation, your galaxy S3 GT-I9300 is rooted on the latest version of Android 4.3 jelly bean without tripping flash (binary) counter.
  • Download and install manually busybox if the tool is failed to install it.
  • Use this guide at your own risk
  • This process and kernel files ONLY for the international version GT-I9300 and ONLY for Android 4.3 jelly bean.
  • Normally this process will continue to work until Samsung starts to push Android 4.4 kitkat to the S3 (DON'T use it on 4.4 kitkat, it will brick your device).
  • You will not be able to receive OTA update, but you can update your device at any time by Kies or Odin3. 
  • This process is tested by me and worked on all the latest Android 4.3 jelly bean firmwares.
  • To unroot your device --> Open SuperSU app / Settings / Full UnRoot.
Downloads :
  • Odin3 v3.04 HERE, v3.07 HERE, v3.09 HERE
  • Latest Samsung Mobile Driver HERE
  • Latest Samsung Kies HERE
  • Latest Samsung Kies 3 HERE
  • I9300_Root_Kernel HERE
  • I9300_MK6_Kernel  HERE 
  • I9300_NB1_Kernel HERE thanks to "afham"
  • SafeRoot files HERE 


  1. If i unroot using superSU app, will the device status change from custom to official???

  2. I managed to root it thanks to this, thak you very much. And yes i needed to put it in download mode.

  3. No, you need to reflash official FW to make it official after unrooting using superSu

  4. Thanks a lot. Grt work. :) Also if you can tell me what is the use of "MK6_Kernel" and "saferoot files" coz it gets rooted easily with the "Root_Kernel" you hav provided.

  5. My firmware is XXUGMK6 does this firmware have the samsung knox counter? btw I have the i9300 model...

  6. No KNOX for I9300 yet and downgrade still available :)

  7. In case I want to downgrade to XXEMG4 will it affect the efs partition which has the imei

  8. Maybe yes
    For be sure, take a backup file of efs partition and restore it, if you have any problem in imei (you can find how to backup/restore efs in my blog or channel)

  9. i have gt i9300 too but my baseband i9300dxugnb1 my build number i9300xxugna5 i hav the latest 4.3 update before now thats my device info..should this method work for rooting my device??A.S.A.P need to root my device...please show me some tips...i confuse coz to use the mk6 kernel..bcoz my device should be nb1 kernel am i ryte?sorry for the stupid Q..

  10. Model Number:GT-I9300 - Android Version:4.3 - Baseband version: I9300DXUGNB1 - Kernel version: 3031-2429075 dpi@HP20 #1. Thu Jan 16 23:47:54 KST 2014. Build number: JSS15J.I9300XXUGNA5

  11. I can't flash the first kernel. Odin keeps failing.

  12. I resolved changing the USB port, the USB cable and removing the SD card. Thank you anyways.

  13. i cant flash second kernel. please help

  14. Build number?
    Error message?

  15. Hi, first time rooting my phone. I have some issues using easyroot. Either it stops after having pushed the 4 root files, or it goes through and says that this device is not supported. Have any ideas?

  16. Please read before posting
    step 2 : Flash Root_Kernel.tar.md5 file by odin3 in PDA or AP section.

  17. still not rooted

  18. My device s3 international. Rooted. Work jb. when installing kk error status 7 . What I do. Pls send me link of kitkat kernel for gt-I9300

  19. Sorry this won't work for kk

  20. hi, have a samsung glxy s3 4.3.. when i want to root the command reads the device not suported.. does it mean that i cant root my phon or?? plz help

  21. I have a huge problem saferoot keeps saying that adb isn't an internal command and my device isn't a XXUGMK6 I have a XXUGNA5 and if someone have the files for the XXUGNA5 thanks in advance

  22. 1st : Extract saferoot tool
    I have NA7 which will work normal without any problem, I will add it tomorrow ASAP

  23. are u succed to root?

  24. Yes..already rooted..easy..just download the saferoot kernel then flash it after that u got to donwload original firmware 4.3 the latest 1 then extract search for the nb1 kernel..but the only problem that i can solve yet just to make fake custom status..

  25. will u share nb1 kernel?


    Hope this page will help on mobile now..will try help u if im on lappy later..

  27. Model Number:GT-I9300 - Android Version:4.3 - Baseband version: I9300DXUGNB1 - Kernel version: 3031-2429075 dpi@HP20 #1
    iam new here, can u give me a kernel which work for me?

  28. can you give me too NB1 kernel??


    this are the i9300 NB1 kernel..just follow the Wolfdroid method and then just ignore the MK6 kernel and replace it with this kernel..this method is ONLY FOR i9300 NB1 kernel..DO NOT USE IT TO MK6 KERNEL...I DO NOT RESPONSIBLY FOR ANY USER THAT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE


    This is NB1 kernel sorry for late post im on mobile yesterday..same method as wolfdroid just replace MK6 kernel with this NB1 kernel..

  31. i have baseband version: 19300XXUGNA8 kernel: 3.0.31-2454463 dpi@dell314 #1 build number:i9300XXUGNB6. do i flash kernel mk6 or is there another one for my version?

  32. How come I always fail? We have the same android version, baseband, kernel, everything!

  33. u should use all the method from mrwolf bust replace the MK6 kernel to NB1 kernel search for the kernel NB1 in comment section i already posted the kernel lately..goodluck..

  34. Hello i followed all procedure and was successful. i used nb1 kernal.
    Everything is normal except there is major lag in wake up screen.. normally 3-5 seconds and some times 15-20 seconds.

    Also some time when i get call..screen does not wakeup till entire call and ringtone is also lagging.

    Please help..suggest me appropriate kernel...
    Current configuration:
    Model: GT-i9300
    Android: 4.3
    /baseband: I9300DDUGNB1
    Kernel: 3.0.31-1902166 se.infra@R0303-04 #1 sat oct 26 12:24:03KST 2013
    Build number JSS15J.I9300XWUGML4

  35. error messege while rooting "more than one device or emulator"??

  36. Hello Wolf,

    Thank you for this tutorial, I have rooted my S3 GT-I9300 (I9300XXUGNA8) without problem. Can I wipe my phone before installing CyanogenMod or not (brick risk or not ?) ?
    If I want to go back and use the official rom (v.4.3 ), it's always possible ?

    PS :

    At the end of your video we can see :
    Product Name : GT-I9300
    Custom Binary Download : No
    Current Binary : Samsung Official
    System Statut : Official

    When I check my system statut (in download mode), I have :
    System Statut : Custom

    Why ?


  37. I have

    Device name
    Model number
    Android version
    Baseband version
    Kernel version
    Thu Jan 16 23:47:54 KST 2014
    Build number
    JSSl 5J.I9300XXUGNA5

    what do i need thats not linked 2 on this page? I really jus wanna root my fone and not trigger the counter......

    if anybody can help or has wat i need please e mail me at

  38. I have successfully Rooted. But Still I dont want 4.3 Official Rom. Can I downgrade it ? My baseband i9300DXUGNB1 , Kernel Version 3.0.31-2429075 , Build Number JSS15J.I9300XXUGNA5 ? Please Reply. Thanks

  39. Yes you can but downgrading to 4.1.2 won't pass

  40. I have : GT-I9300 Android Version 4.3
    Baseband ver I9300XXUGNA8
    kernel ver. 3.0.31-2713958 dip@DELL318#1 Wed Jul 16 17:22:49 KST 2014
    build number. JSS15J.I9300XXUGNG3

    I don't know if NA7 will work on my model (sry if it's a dump question but i'm still new to this) and where to finde the link for NA7 ?

    Thanks to w0lfdroid....

  42. followed the steps completely as in the video and rooted successfully!!!!

  43. There u goes..w0lf just add the NB1 kernel up there in the download section..hope thats will help u solve ur problem..peace from MALAYSIA

  44. Problem Happened !!!

    I've installed ( the ROOt Kernel ) and shut down my S3 ( 4.3 )
    and when I opened the Safe Root after debugging my device and launching the program and pressed ( any Key ) the Error Appears :

    ( adb is not recognized as an internal or External command . operable program or batch file ) and nothing happened .

    Please Support !!!

  45. Please unzip the file, you can't run the bat file without extracting the downloaded file

  46. Mr.Wolf I've already extracted the file ( Saferoot ) to the files shown below and clicked on ( Run ) ( as admin. )

  47. Try to put the folder in "C" drive

  48. I'll see about that
    and feedback to you

  49. what can i do please help my phone turn like this, i don't know what happen when start to download the files whit odin my phone lose the connection and turn like that, is deat? help thanks

  50. If you still able to turn it on in odin mode flash stock FW
    If its the same screen send it to the warranty

  51. Hey i am stuck at this root kernal step. What should i do? Here is the screenshot

  52. Try it one more time or use another PC

  53. I successfully rooted. The flash counter tripped! after flashing to the current kernel. You said that this wont trigger count. Now I cant reset the flash counter back to 0. Triangle Away wont work on Android 4.3. :cry:

  54. @MrWolf: I successfully rooted. The flash counter tripped! after flashing to the current kernel. You said that this wont trigger count. Now I cant reset the flash counter back to 0. Triangle Away wont work on Android 4.3. :cry:

  55. Actually its not possible because the kernel is stock ;)