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26 February 2014

How to Change CSC for Samsung Galaxy Devices on Android KitKat

Samsung has pushed the official Android 4.4.2 KitKat to Samsung galaxy S4 a few days ago, after walking around this update, I have found that there is a problem while trying to change the CSC (product) code.
If you tried to change CSC by using cscselector app or terminal, you will not see any changes and the CSC will stuck in the default code.

I will show you how to change it easily

Requirements :
  • Rooted galaxy S4 or any galaxy device.
  • Installed root file explorer ES File Explorer or Root Explorer.
  • Installed CSCSelector or Terminal app
In my case, I will change CSC code from DBT to BTU.

Instructions :
  • Open ES File Explorer or Root Explorer and mount RW.
  • Navigate to : System / csc / BTU / system / csc /
  • Copy all the files on csc folder and go back to paste it in : System / csc /
  • Accept Overwriting or replacing files.
  • Use CSC selector app or Terminal method to change CSC to BTU.
Done !!!

Notes :
  • WARNING : Changing CSC will delete all data on your device.
  • This method will work only on ROOTED devices
  • This will only work if your current firmware support Multi-CSC
  • It might display "PreconfigUI does not support SingleCSC" if your current firmware doesn't support Multi-CSC.
  • This method should work for many galaxy devices which running Android jelly bean and KitKat. 
Links :
  • Android Terminal Emulator App HERE
  • CSC Selector App  HERE
  • ES File Explorer App HERE
  • Root Explorer App HERE
  • Region CSC code list HERE


  1. Nasser Al-Zahrani16 March, 2014 02:00

    what does this do to the system status of galaxy s4?

  2. Nothing ...
    But changing CSC needs root, and root will change system to custom

  3. what does changing csc specifically do MrW0lf?

  4. there isnt that link to search just system/csc/ then files in there no others

  5. Christopher Loughrey17 April, 2015 17:41

    allows you to install Android firmware from different countries which might get the updates faster than your country.