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27 December 2013

How to Install CWM Recovery + Root Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note 2

This is one of the well known Root method for ALL android devices
In this guide we will show you how to flash/install ClockWorkMod recovery to root ANY Samsung galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2 (International, LTE, Cricket, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, Metro, ... ) which are running on Android 4.0.4, 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.2.2 and 4.3 jelly bean.
We will use CWM recovery to push root files to system, all what you need is to read this article carefully and follow all the steps.

Requirement :
  • ClockWorkMod recovery file 
  • Odin3
  • Charged Samsung galaxy Device
  • Root files
  • USB cable
  • Windows PC
Before Starting :
  • Download and Install Samsung Kies or Smanung mobile USB driver (Skip it if you already have Kies on your PC).
  • Download and Extract the correct ClockWorkMod recovery file for the model of your device
  • Download and Extract Odin3
  • Download Root files
  • Disconnect all devices which are connected to USB Ports
  • Stop your antivirus and Kies software
Steps :
  1. Send to any folder on the internal storage ex:Download
  2. Run Odin3 as administrator
  3. Click on PDA (or AP if you are using Odin3 v3.09) and navigate to the extracted recovery.tar file
  4. Make sure that re-partition is not selected and reboot too
  5. Put your device in download mode
  6. Connect your device to PC via USB cable and wait until you see a sign in ID:COM and Added in Odin3
  7. Click Start and wait few seconds
  8. After Odin3 display PASS or RESET, unplug USB cable
  9. Put your device in recovery mode
  10. Choose install zip > choose zip from /sdcard > 0 / > the folder which contains root file (in my case : Download/) > > Yes.
  11. Wait few seconds
  12. Choose Go Back > reboot system now
  13. Open SuperSU app and disable KNOX.
Done !
Notes :
  • This process won't delete any data, but backup your important data just in case this process corrupt your files.
  • Flashing custom recovery will void the warranty of your device.
  • Do not disconnect the cable or turn off the device while flashing recovery file.
  • I am not responsible if something happened to your device (use this AT YOUR OWN RISK).
  • Some devices have a locked bootloader, unlock it first before flashing the recovery file (ex : Verizon, AT&T).
  • I have just converted "*.img" files from clockworkmod website to "*.tar" file which can be flashed by Odin3 (You can convert it by following this easy TUT : How to Convert *.img to *.tar.md5)
  • Credits : Chainfire website > root files and CWM team website > CWM recovery files.
Downloads :
  • Odin3 v3.04 HERE, v3.07 HERE, v3.09 HERE 
  • Latest Samsung Mobile Driver HERE
  • Latest Samsung Kies HERE
  • Latest Samsung Kies 3 HERE
  • HERE
Touch ClockWorkMod for Samsung galaxy S3 SIII
Touch ClockWorkMod for Samsung galaxy S4 SIV
Touch ClockWorkMod for Samsung galaxy Note 2 NII


  1. Question W0lf, You said,
    Some devices have a locked bootloader, unlock it first before flashing the recovery file (ex : Verizon, AT&T).
    This is my case because I have a Verizon S4. How, exactly, do I unlock the bootloader? Thanks.

  2. There is no way until now to unlock it, but it's possible for Verizon S3 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 only

  3. I followed directions and got to the point where odin said pass and reset ok. so I unplugged cable and did the volume up, home and power and nothing happened. I tried and tried and tried. SO then I just took battery out. then I tried voulme up hoe and power while the phone was off and now its just sitting on the samsung galaxy note II screen. fyi I have sprint with the 4.3

  4. I tried everything over again and it worked. Thanks :)

  5. umm not happening i followed ur method properly but the uh cwm recovery mod wont boot up and it says no command? so help maybe??

  6. Try to flash it again
    Is it pass in Odin?

  7. It boots up saying no command error w8s up for few mins den shows up with tht factory default/normal recovery mod what should I do? Ive flashed it twice

  8. Did you let your SGN2 boot after flashing recovery file?
    You should force your device to boot in recovery mode after flashing directly.

  9. Uh what's force boot? Do u knw perfectly tht this method is good for rooting our note 2?

  10. After flashing the recovery, boot in recovery mode (if you let it boot the system, it will restore the stock recovery again)
    Just follow every step in the guide or video

  11. Does tris work on att note on 4.3?

  12. W0lf, I cannot seem to get around the KNOX for the SuperSU to work. I have a SGH-i747 Android 4.3. Any suggestions?

  13. Mr. W0lf I have a I535 Verizon I did not unlock bootloader first now i cant get into my recovery says bad kernel. I can get into download mode and get past " bootup brick" so my phone works but can not get into recovery. Trying to root to switch craigslist bought Verizon S3 to Straight Talk

  14. Recovery : home + power + vol up
    There is no way to flash or install any custom recovery for your device until now

  15. Update SuperSu and disable KNOX

  16. Supersu is up to date and based on all I've read and current actions around knox the only option is really to remove it rather than disable. Maybe I'm still missing something.

  17. I got a FAIL message... followed the directions.

  18. Will be the CWM recovery achievable? even if i have rooted my i9505 on 4.3 using safe root procedure?

  19. Your device has lock bootloader

  20. You don't need to do it if your device is rooted
    But if you want to have custom recovery ,just flash CWM recovery

  21. -I have verizon s3 with 4.3 OTA update.

    If there is no way to unlock the boot loader at this time then you cant use custom ROMs like CM11, correct? Saferoot works well for rooting. But unless we find a way to unlock the bootloader we are stuck with 4.3 stock. Please correct me if I;m wrong. Cant use TWRP and havent tried CWM, but Im not sure why I'd want a recovery MOD anyway if I cant install custom ROMs? I did see something about a dual boot method that uses a different area of the ROM to install custom ROMS.

    I know just about enough to be dangerous.

  22. Mr w0lf i have the sprint galaxy note 2 4.3 and I wanna flash it to use it on cricket. Can you help me please!

  23. Jeep Cherokee XJ18 January, 2014 10:29

    This is dumb. Why post something and say unlock the boot loader first if there's no way to unlock it at this time.. Sure you can root the Verizon note 2 on 4.3 but what good is it gonna do with a locked boot loader....

  24. i have the us cellular note 2 but its not posted in the note 2 section y

  25. I'm on sch i535 4.3 update. My clockwork mod won't boot into recovery. Is there a way to install on 4.3

  26. thanks you so much

  27. Hey w0lf, I have a S4 LTE internacional with android 4.3. I tried to root it using kingo root, but it failed, and now I can't access the recovery. Is there a way to unlock the bootloader of it to use this tutorial of yours?

    PS: I believe kingo failed because of knox security, and the device don't boot into recovery anymore, I use the key combination but still don't boot. The screen with the text saying that it will boot into recovery appears, but the device restar and boot normally. Can you help? Thanks

  28. S4 LTE international doesn't have lock bootloader (GT-I9505)
    and you can use this tutorial normal

  29. But what about the knox? It does not interfere in the procedure?

  30. Another thing, when I tried with kingo, appeared on notification bar a shield saying that something tried to access an area secured (I guess, can't remember exactly), this can go wrong?

  31. Златомир Муладжиков18 February, 2014 16:21

    Everything worked fine ,but the last step "Disable KNOX from SuperSU". Sorry for the stupid question but were can I find that option? :D Also thanks ^^

  32. SuperSU will detect KNOX once you open it

  33. Michael McCormick27 February, 2014 03:48

    Will this work to give me a custom recovery on my Alltel variant SCH-R530X? The other rooting method of yours worked, and I really want a custom recovery to be able to get a custom rom. Looking at my build.prop file, it says "", does that mean the verizon files will work with it? Any replies will be appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!!

  34. The product model is : SCH-R530X

  35. Michael McCormick28 February, 2014 16:18

    I know that. What i'm wondering is, can I use this method to install a custom recovery? My carrier is a CDMA one like verizon. But there is no support for my carrier cause it's so small.

  36. How i unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3 plus I want to buy an unlock code. Any recommendations from where to buy the code? someone buy code from safeunlockcode .com? Or another better code provider? Waiting for suggestions.

  37. Download and install :
    If it detect your device, then continue

  38. I have Note2 GT N 700 .. Can be Work possible ? with Android version 4.3 ...

  39. Aww ... I can't see install zip ... Help me !!!

  40. What you exactly see? (picture will be much better)

  41. Hey MrW0lf
    would i use the sprint CWM for boost ?

  42. Delmar Jackson21 April, 2014 20:21

    Thank you!

  43. Did all but after step 9 i wont restart for the step 10.
    Just goes back in regular code etc...

  44. Raphael Rosenbaum02 August, 2014 20:25

    My GT 7100 note 2 won't enter recovery I cannot flash superuser
    Any idea ?

  45. I can't get it to work...

  46. why im hard to get file SUPERSU ?? Please help :'(
    must to donate first ?

  47. you mean downloading SuperSu app or the zip file?
    Donation is up to you

  48. yurp, i mean to downloading the SUperSu zip file.
    I cant see the link of dwld.

  49. hah, like this :(

  50. hlp me mrwolf :(


  52. I can't get cwm to run... everytime it's the android system recovery... GT-I93000

  53. This is dumb.

  54. can i install cwm without the root ?