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13 October 2013

How to Fix "Not Registered on Network"/Wrong IMEI for Galaxy S3/S4/Note2

This tutorial will learn you how to fix "not registered on network", wrong IMEI for :
  • Samsung galaxy S3 GT-I9300 model ONLY.
  • Samsung galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 model ONLY. 
  • Samsung galaxy S4 GT-I9500 model ONLY.
  • Samsung galaxy S4 GT-I9505 model ONLY.
Before starting :
  • Backup your important data first just in case of this process corrupt your data.
  • Download and install Samsung mobile driver (Skip this if you already have Samsung Kies)  (Link below)
  • Download MODEM.tar.md5 file then unzip it only one time (Link below)
  • Download Odin3 then unzip it (Link below) Disable the antivirus software, Close Samsung Kies and disconnect any device connected to USB ports on your computer.
Flashing instructions :
1- Run "Odin3" as administrator, Click on PDA button and navigate to Modem.tar.md5 file that you extracted.
2 - Shut down your device and make sure your device is completely off
3 - Put your device into download mode by pressing and holding (Volume Down + Home + Power) buttons
4 - Press Volume up to continue
5 - Connect the device to your computer by USB cable and wait until you get a sign in Odin (ID:COM section) and "Added" in message box.
6 - Make sure re-partition is NOT SELECTED [Very important]
7- Click Start and wait a few seconds until you see "PASS!".

Notes :
  • Do not disconnect the cable or turn off the device while flashing
  • I am not responsible if something wrong happened to your device (use this AT YOUR OWN RISK)
  • Install Samsung Mobile Driver or Samsung Kies if you don't see a sign in Odin (Step 5)
  • This process takes maximum 1 minute
  • In some cases this won't fix the wrong IMEI or "not registered on network" message
  • If your device stuck in boot loop after downgrading, factory reset your device from recovery mode (Vol up+Home+Power)
Downloads :
  • Odin3_v3.04 HERE or Odin3_v3.07 HERE
  • Samsung Mobile Driver HERE
  • Latest Samsung Kies HERE
  • Modem_I9300XXEMG4 HERE
  • Modem_N7100XXDMG1 HERE
  • Modem_I9500UBUBMG9 HERE
  • Modem_I9505XXUFNC4 HERE


  1. Thanks you very very much


  3. kristine necesario18 November, 2013 04:09

    OMG!! Thank you, this fixed my phone in a flash!!

  4. we should use slovakia rom for this Modem? or not?
    i have iran rom

  5. ႊThank You So Much Admin

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  7. thank you admin, very difficult to find solution solve imei problem, now i got it.

  8. it didnt work for me, do you have to have a rooted Note 2 on this?

  9. Thank you so much.My problems was solved.

  10. Will this work on android 4.3

  11. Thank you so much. I spent two days trying to fix this until I found your post.

  12. After downgrading from Official android 4.3 for galaxy S3, I faced this problem although my IMEI and serial were still intact. Thank you for your no custom recovery method

  13. Hi..I got "not registered on network" problem.. I tried but it didnt there any way to fix the problem?

  14. dose it work on 4.3 s3?

  15. not work in my s3 international
    registor network error in my phone
    please help

  16. After I flash on s3,,my network has registeres,,but no sound during calls,,,,, pls help me

  17. Excellent!!!!!!!!!! thsank you so much.. galaxy s 4 international

  18. Hi! Thank for nice guide! Now i need really help. My mobile with Samsung S4 GT-i9505 not registered dont work. Can any one help me? Tank a lot.

  19. KOT49H.I9505XXUFNB8

  20. I9505 file has been added, please try it.

  21. Hello again! Dont work for me =( How I do now? Thank a lot! This is nordic version!

  22. OK, Try to flash this : first and after flash Modem_I9505XXUFNC4
    Backup your files before starting and make sure your device running on stock rom

  23. Hello again! i have try it and dont work but i think maybe imei nr is change or not. hmm

  24. Yes your phone isn't registered because of the wrong imei
    but I no other idea :(
    Try to reflash stock FW (it won't fix but try it)

  25. FAILD.... please help

  26. samsung galaxy s3

  27. Azraf Khan Abdul Raof Khan22 May, 2014 18:45

    i've performed factory reset..once completed, rebooted the device and found the welcome screen changed to Andriod logo (original - Samsung logo) and I got Invalid Imei and no service. My phone is Galaxy S4 GT-19500. Anyone pls help as I've tried to reset factory setting couple of times using both normal and root ways

  28. Mohammed Shahbaz07 July, 2014 06:51

    Thank you Very Muc :)

  29. I have a SIII GT-I9300. IMEI was corrupt after a failed rom upgrade. Been trying for months to fix the problem. Don't have access to a "box". Have done lots of rom writes to see if it would fix IMEI. No joy. Tried your Modem file and it worked first try. Thank you very much!!!

  30. Working With S3 Thanks

  31. I don't know really how to thank you, after I downgraded my SGS3 from 4.3 to 4.1.2 I lost the IMEI and it gave me a fake one, with this tool I succeeded getting my original IMEI back ... (A donation will be released soon :D) Thank you.

  32. did not solve my problem , i did this but no work :'( any other solution ??

  33. i did 2 times and still my imey is uknown. What sugestions? I think this all happened after update

  34. My Name is Sahil Thnaks so much my phone is workig and imei also back again thnaks you so much admin
    Galaxy S3 GT-I9300
    india, international