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22 April 2013

How To UNROOT and Reset Flash Counter for All Samsung Galaxy devices

This is a full UNROOTING tutorial for Samsung galaxy devices, reset flash counter to bring the warranty back.
"Samsung devices store a flash counter that keeps track of how many times you have flashed custom firmwares to your device after rooting"
This process is very important if you would like to send your device to warranty

Requirements :
~ Charged and Rooted Samsung galaxy S3
~ Triangle Away App on your device
~ Official firmware (Download from SamMobile or Samsung-updates)
~ Odin3 (Link below)
~ Installed Samsung Kies software or Samsung Mobile driver on PC (Link below)

Un-Rooting instructions :
Read all and watch video first

Backup your data first because all data on your device will be deleted
1- Download and install "Triangle Away" App (Link below)
2- Open "Triangle Away" ... (it will ask for root permission ... Accept)
(You should see message like this "Please confirm your device is this exact model GT-I9300")
3- Tap continue
(The App will download some data Select "Download" and wait ...)
4- Choose "Reset flash counter" and "Continue"
Your device will restart into special mode
5- Volume up to continue
6- While rebooting ... quickly Remove the battery and back it again
7- Start your device into "Download mode" (Volume Down + Home + Power)
8- Volume up to continue
9- Flash the official firmware for your galaxy device by Odin
- After the flashing and configuration process finish quickly Unplug USB cable , Remove the battery and back it again
10- Start your device into "Recovery mode" (Volume UP + Home + Power)
11- Choose "Wipe data/factory reset" then "Yes" and wait ...
12- Choose "Wipe cache partition"
then "Reboot system now"
Done !
Now check your "Device status" , It should be "Normal" :)
Notes :
~ "Triangle Away" may unmount your SD card , you can mount it from storage settings
~ status can only be reset on some firmware for the new devices like SGS3/SGNote2/SGNote10.1
~ This process works for various Samsung galaxy devices like (S3/2,Note1/2/10.1",Tab)
~ "Triangle Away" does work on some (not all) stock firmwares.
~ Resetting counter value doesn't work on custom firmwares
~ Some devices set the counter to 1 at every boot if you are running a custom kernel or recovery
On these devices, Triangle Away may always display 1, make sure to check the counter in actual download mode 
~ I am not responsible if something bad happened to your device (use this AT YOUR OWN RISK)
~ Step 2 : If you continue and this is not your device model, you will brick your device 
~ After you finish this process, you will be able to receive the OTA updates ;)

Downloads :
Triangle Away Store or XDA thread
Odin3_v3.04 HERE, v3.07 HERE, v3.09 HERE 
Latest Samsung Mobile Driver HERE
Latest Samsung Kies HERE


  1. Traingle Away is not detecting my device. then what to do to reset flash counter

    1. Which device you have?
      I think "Traingle Away" is compatible with all galaxy S3 models

  2. Hey, I know the title says all galaxy devices, but do you know if there is anyone that has tried this with a GT-S7710 Samsung Galaxy XCover 2? I would really want to root it, but as it's a "water proof" model I would love to have the ability to retain warranty also.

  3. Thanks for this little tutorial, saved my ass from my dad when he went to claim on the insurance, I'd donate if I wasn't only 17 and unemployed, thanks man!

    Good work

  4. i dont know how to put triangle away app in my s3 i9300..because i just downloaded it to my desktop...

  5. hey everyone. i was wondering if you use this same method to unroot the Galaxy tab 3 10.1 (GT-P5210)

  6. Please correct your title... it is WRONG!!! Triangle Away does not work for all Galaxy devices.