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04 April 2013

How to Fix "Plug-in has not been updated" for Samsung Kies

This is a fast tutorial for fixing the annoying message "SamsungApps Update
You are not able to use Samsung Apps because Plug-in has not been updated. Please proceed with the update for the Plug-in by rerunning Kies."

If you don't have this problem , you can just click on "Samsung Apps" and you will be able to download the update

People who face this problems with updating Kies :
1- Download "AStorePlugin.dll" file (link below)
2- Close Samsung Kies
3- Extract downloaded file
4- Copy and Paste "AStorePlugin.dll" file in this path : C:\Program Files\Samsung\Kies\Plugins\AStore
5- Replace
Now you can open Samsung Kies normal

Downloads :
Latest Samsung Kies Here
Latest AStorePlugin file Here


  1. It perfectly works for me. Thank you :)

  2. Thank u so much...!

  3. hello, i followed your instructions but after i did that the "samsung apps" button was gone! it returns only when i put back the original .dll file. what can i do??

  4. when I download it only appear the pdf archive

  5. Pdf !!!?
    Its a zip file contains dll file
    Try to download it again because the file is fine

  6. Start/Run and type : regedit
    Navigate : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Samsung\Kies2.0
    Search and Modify "Region" (in the right window) to UK or your country

  7. Jules Krijgsman09 October, 2013 04:37

    Don't change the .dll file

    MrW0lf is on the money just don't forget to hit the modify key

    My android version didn't have a browser - went to google store downloaded ES File Explorer (free and have used it before)

    Pick the apps you want, these will download to Kies folder in ES file explorer just click on the appin ES file explorer and it's yours

  8. Just small notice, Samsung Kies not only for android devices and this tutorial was especially for Bada OS user as i was holding Samsung Wave.
    About the links, I have more links and I always update it with the latest version, It's to hard to change all links in all topics and with this links I'm able to to change the source easily without changing the link
    Best regards

  9. not working in my case it shows 'SamsungApps' update and when i hit ok it shows 'current version is installed' i have the same version as you have given in your link
    I checked the 'region' also and it is my country only
    I guess the problem may be in the store file as you have uploaded store file on 10.10. 13 and the new version of kies on 11.11. 13 so may be the store file is one version old...please help

  10. hey guys got a very simple solution without any download, the error was 'could not stop kiestrayagent process' so I killed (ended) the process using task manager before hitting ok for update and it worked it updated two dll files and installed one exe file !

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